The 3 Indicators That Dental Implants are for You

Is Dental Implant from Modesto for You?You may have lost one or some of your teeth, or you are in the verge of losing one. Of course, you want to know how you can replace those lost teeth. You consulted your dentist and were advised to get a dental implant, but they also recommended that you undergo some tests to know if you are fit to be a candidate to this treatment. Here are the indicators that this dental procedure is for you:

You are fit to undergo surgery

If you are determined to get dental implants from your Modesto dentist, make sure you are healthy enough to undergo surgery. If you are physically healthy, you are fit to undergo dental implant surgery. For people with heart ailments and sleep apnea, however, they should not undergo implant treatment.

You are not a smoker

Studies show that smoking can cause dental implant failure. Through smoking, you can acquire gum disease that is definitely bad for dental implants. Smoking can also affect the healing of the bones. People who are using e-cigarettes and tobacco shouldn’t also get dental implants.

You have good oral health

Another indicator that you are fit for dental implants is your good oral health. You can only undergo implant surgery if you do not have tooth decay or any mouth-related disease. Dental implant failure can occur if your oral health is not in good condition. The healing will also be slow and can lead to oral infections.

If you meet all the criteria above, then you can undergo dental implant surgery right away to achieve that beautiful smile. If you do not, it is not yet late to start living healthy. Stop smoking and take good care of your oral health. Consult a trusted dentist about dental implants and know what you can do now.