The Bean Belt: Producers of the World’s Coffee Supply

CoffeeThe world is coffee-mad. Although it’s the most widely taken addictive substance in the world, people never stop consuming caffeinated drinks. Except for Great Britain, but everyone knows that the subjects of the Queen also like their coffee. Most coffee drinkers can’t even start their day right without their morning dose of cappuccino, latte or espresso.

But, as common as it is, coffee doesn’t just grow anywhere. Just like variants of plants that only grow in Europe, coffeas only thrive on the very specific areas. So, unless it comes from Africa, the Caribbean, Southeast Asia or South America, be wary about its quality, or authenticity.

Brewing Success Everywhere

Forget Starbucks, McDonald’s and Dunkin Donuts; independent coffee businesses are driving the boom of coffee everywhere. The big chains sort of set the standard for coffee, so in turn, small enterprises have to be different and offer something more “substantial“. Coffee wholesaler Yourcafé says that they buy all kinds of coffee to lure customers who want to try a new brew or are still looking to match their preference in taste.

Fueling the World’s Addiction

It’s safe to say that in within a vicinity of any area in the world, there is a coffee shop. It truly is in high demand, higher than ever before. Even though adults are the biggest drinkers, more than half of them drink it a few times a day. So, it’s big business on the storefront, but how about the world behind the world of coffee? The Bean Belt, as they call it, is responsible for giving the world its caffeine fix.

Brazil – The soccer-crazy nation produces a third of all coffee supply in the world, and is the king of coffee. To further distinguish their products, they also stick to dry process of letting the beans lose moisture under the sun. Their production output is vast, which is a billion more than the next country at 2.7 billion kilograms.

Vietnam – Vietnamese coffee isn’t as sophisticated as its South American counterparts, but their growth is noteworthy. In no time, they became the second largest exporter of coffee beans apart from being one of the foremost rice nations. Often, this type goes best with sweetened condensed milk.

Colombia – Perhaps the most famous coffee producer, many people particularly like their products’ well-balanced taste. Third in ranking but first in taste, Colombian coffee’s most ardent followers are ready to pay the high price for their premium brew.

If anything, people can keep this substance abuse going. It gives them the zest in the morning and a kick in the afternoon to get things done.