The Beauty of Dental Restoration

Dental Fillings in EnglandOne of the most common dental procedures includes dental fillings. It is when a dentist has to patch up and restore a tooth to its former functionality. Typically, the dentist has to completely remove the cavities present to create a clean, uninfected surface. They then fill out the area with a type of filling compound.

According to Monkmoor Dental Practice, a dentist in Shrewsbury, there are many different types of fillings available. Tooth coloured fillings are especially popular when the cavities are found near the front teeth, while metal coloured fillings are popular for the molars because of their strength and durability.

Here are some of the types of fillings available:


Gold is a popular filling because of its pleasing appearance and durability. It does not corrode and has an impressive strength that withstands chewing forces. Some people enjoy the gold tooth look, which is why some people ask for gold jackets instead of just fillings.

Silver Amalgam

Silver amalgam is made of mercury, zinc, and copper. It is a relatively low-cost filling, but unpopular because of its unattractive appearance. It has a dull grey colour and lacks the lustre and shine of gold.

Composite Resin

Typically made of porcelain mixed with a hard plastic, composite resin is becoming the tooth filling of choice because it mimics the natural colour of your tooth. These tooth coloured fillings are nearly invisible and almost as durable as the metal fillings.

Glass Ionomer

Glass ionomer cement is made of aluminosilicate glass mixed with a type of plastic called liquid polyacrylic. It has the natural translucency of the teeth along with a natural colour, and bonds well with the tooth surface. Unfortunately, it does not handle chewing forces well, which is why they are often used on just the outer surfaces of the teeth.

All types of fillings have their pros and their cons. Many fillings are valued not only because they restore the functionality of the tooth, but also because it restores the beauty and appearance of a person’s smile.