The Benefits of White Fillings

dental fillings in a teethTraditional silver amalgam fillings are gradually losing favor over the more popular white fillings as they are healthier and offer several advantages. More dental offices provide white fillings and some have stopped using amalgams altogether.

Many adults have memories of their parents with gleaming silver teeth in their mouth, but the use of silver amalgam fillings is reducing as savvy consumers look for better alternatives. White composite fillings are one alternative that is gaining ground.

What are White Fillings?

White fillings are used to restore a decayed tooth or repair a chipped tooth. They are made of resin and glass. As they are the natural color of teeth, they are a superior cosmetic choice, chosen by dental practices like Scott Grant DMD of Meridian Cosmetic Dentistry patients.

No Mercury Fillings

The main health advantage of white fillings is that they don’t contain mercury, an ingredient in silver fillings. While mercury is used in medical preparations and is present in fish, there are some concerns about its effect on neurodevelopment of babies. Pregnant women have been advised to exercise caution and others may just prefer a non-metal filling.

It’s Easier to Detect Tooth Decay

With white fillings it’s easier to detect tooth decay. This can be obscured by silver ones until an advanced stage of decay. Silver fillings also have no adhesion properties so the filled tooth is more vulnerable to cracking than with a white filling.

It Looks Great

The best thing of all is it looks just like the natural tooth and can even be bleached to match the patient’s surrounding teeth. Some patients choose to have teeth whitening too and go a few shades lighter. The almost invisible filling is very discreet and no one need know they have a filling unless they choose to say so.

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White fillings are made of resin and glass. They mimic the color of teeth, reduce the risk of cracks and are an entirely non-toxic alternative to traditional mercury fillings.