The Best of Sentosa Island’s Tourist Attractions

Sentosa IslandAlso pegged as ‘Asia’s Favourite Playground’ and ‘The State of Fun’, Sentosa Island is only 15 minutes away from Singapore’s capital. It features numerous natural and man-made attractions that tourists from all over the world visit and enjoy. Here are just a few of the numerous beautiful places in Sentosa where you can spend an amazing holiday in.

Siloso Beach

Featured as the hippest, coolest and most exciting beach in Singapore, it features numerous themed bars, party venues, bistros and restaurants that light up Siloso’s exciting nightlife. They also offer kayaking, cycling, rollerblading and surfing via man-made waves. Choose to sunbathe or do it while in a whirlpool bath. Then wait for the sun to go down so you can enjoy the Siloso beach’s famous nightlife crowd and events.

Imbiah Lookout

Imagine eleven unique destinations in just one area. The Imbiah lookout nestles near Mount Imbiah where flora and fauna naturally flourishes. Among its popular areas include the Butterfly and Insect Kingdom that feature an insect and butterfly haven within an actual rainforest. Another is the Megazip Adventure that presents extreme zip lines to adventure-lovers and excitement-seekers the world over.

Sentosa Point

History becomes alive and exciting at Sentosa Point, where you can get the chance to visit forts and walk their halls. And don’t forget to try out one of the diving packages offered by Underwater World Singapore at the Dolphin Lagoon for a really unique marine experience. Education and entertainment never had a better mix than here.

If you want to try a different take on travel, then Sentosa, Singapore is the perfect place to go. Check Sentosa’s online site for more information on events and other attractions. And when you visit, don’t forget to bring your sense of excitement and adventure with you, and do have fun.

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