The Doula Magic: Top 3 Reasons to Hire One

Pregnant womanPregnancy is one of the most exciting yet challenging phases in a woman’s life. During this stage, a soon-to-be mother needs all the help she can get, including emotional, spiritual, physical, and psychological support. She gets all these from family and friends, of course, but some women also get the help of doulas.

A doula, which literally means women’s helper in Greek, assists women in labor. Doulas have long been proven to have a positive impact on the labor process. Here are three amazing benefits of seeking a doula in Salt Lake City.

Physical support

Doulas often use the incredible power of touch and massage to reduce stress and anxiety during labor. Having a doula present decreases the likeliness of using pain-relief medication and having a cesarean birth. A doula is trained to provide hands-on comfort measures during the most difficult times of labor.

Partner support

One of a doula’s roles is to complement the woman’s partner in using comfort techniques during the labor. A doula provides emotional assistance to the partner, as he supports his wife during the labor and birth. Emotional support is important for everyone involved in the process.

Emotional support

Labor and birth are an incredibly tender time in a woman’s life. Doulas are there to give emotional support to not only the woman but also her family. With the help a doula, the intensity of emotions can be channeled to create a positive space for everyone.

Pregnancy, labor, and birth are milestones in any woman’s life. They can be challenging, however. But with the help of a doula, a soon-to-be mother can welcome her baby in comfort.

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