The Perfect Sunglasses for Different Face Shapes

EyewearWhen it comes to the perfect pair of sunglasses, identifying the shape and size of your face is highly important. This will guide you in finding the most ideal fit for your specific face shape. Below are the different face shapes and some general recommendations on what sunglasses are best for each.

Oval Face

If you have an oval face, consider yourself lucky; all types of frame will look good on you. You can get away with a cat-eye, wayfarer or aviators. But, refrain from overly large frames that may hide your perfectly symmetrical features — or not, since they will still suit you.

Round Face

A round face features less distinct angles, but more distinguished curves. The best sunglasses for round faces are those that have more angular and sharper lines that will give the illusion of an oval face shape. When choosing among different sunglasses when visiting optical stores, go for shield, wrap, square or rectangular frames.

Square Face

Square-shaped faces essentially have the same width and length across the entire face, with pronounced jaw lines and broad foreheads. If you have a square face, choose sunglasses with oval or round lenses to round out your features’ stark, angular lines. Recommended styles include butterflies or aviators, or those that have more circular or rounder curvatures. Tops set or centre temples will also work fine with square faces.

Oblong Face

The oblong face shape, also sometimes referred to as rectangular face shape, is narrow and long, with very few angles. Oversized sunglasses work best for oblong faces, and oversized rectangular or wayfarers with thicker frames can lend the illusion of width to this face shape. Sunglasses with vintage, deep or tall lenses are likewise ideal since their bold and sharp lines will give some sharpness or edge to oblong faces.

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Heart Face

Triangle or heart shape faces are characterised by narrow chins and wide temples. Sunglasses with lower and wider edges and no sharp lines spanning the top are great for heart faces. This is because they can draw the eye downwards and away, effectively elongating the whole face. Sunglasses with rounder edges, cat-eye frames, rimless, butterfly, aviator and shield styles also make heart faces look more balanced.

Keep all these tips in mind when you visit your chosen eyewear store.