The Preparations You Need to Do Before Brewing Your Own Kombucha Tea

TeaKombucha tea is made up of organic and raw ingredients fermented through the use of symbiotic culture of yeast and bacteria. These are almost similar to the culture used to create vinegar. It is not advisable to make your own kombucha drink, but if you must, you should do it right.

Here are the steps you need to take to get started on brewing your very own kombucha tea.

Get the right pieces of equipment

Making your own kombucha tea requires a few pieces of equipment. The basic tools that you need are a wooden or plastic stirring utensil, quart-size glass or mason jar, something to secure the jar cover, and a paper coffee filter. You could find most of the needed supplies in most DIY kombucha kits.

Get the ingredients

Once you’ve gathered all the tools necessary to make a tea, you now have to get the ingredients to make one at home. The basic ingredients are white sugar, unchlorinated and fluoridated water, loose tea, distilled white vinegar and active kombucha SCOBY (symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast).

Mind the right ratio of each ingredient

Getting the right ratio for each ingredient is important. It will depend on how much kombucha tea you’ll be making. It’s always better to read the instructions on your kit to get the accurate measurements.

Once you have the right ratio and the proper pieces of equipment, you may now proceed with brewing. Always remember that you have to brew the tea correctly to ensure that you’ll get the right taste.

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Add some flavor and bottle your tea

Once you finish culturing the tea, you may now start adding some flavor and bottling it so you can enjoy it according to your specific preferences.

This is the basic guide to prepping to create your own kombucha tea at home. Remember to follow instructions so you’ll enjoy its taste and health benefits.