The Purpose of Cufflinks

CufflinksCufflinks are the little button-like pieces that replace buttons in closing in two button holes in shirt. You think that wearing cufflinks feels like a little old now. The truth is that cufflinks adds elegance to the wearer, men and women alike. You may think finding the perfect shirt for your cufflink is close to impossible, but when done right, you can add these to your fashion and look smart and gent immediately.

They can give the finish touch

When you dress up casually but you want to look simply elegant still, you do not have to wear every garment piece that you can find to match your blazer for example. Instead of wearing a tie or closing up all your buttons, you can use cufflinks to show your style.

They can add confidence

It is like an accessory that women wear. Women use accessories not only as an addition to their look, but they wear it with confidence because they know that they will look good with it. Similar to that, when you know you look good, you can walk the walk with confidence. You feel like you own the room once you enter.

They mirror your personality

Fashion always mirrors one’s personality. For example, an all-black get up may show people that you are on the “dark side”. When you wear bright-coloured shirts, it may tell people you are a fun or an outgoing person. Wearing cufflinks may indicate that you are an elegant gentleman. When you wear bespoke or custom cufflinks by Karv Luxury, it may tell people you are one hell of a rich and elegant gentleman.

They may be wrong about you, but what you wear tells them something whether you like it or not.

Cufflinks may be old, but it is your style. Do not mind what people may think about your style, because at the end of the day, it is you who will wear it and you are the one who will feel comfortable with it, not them.