The Secret Effect of Tongkat Ali on Stress

stressTongkat Ali, also known as Malaysian Ginseng, has long been used as an effective supplement for enhancing libido, boosting energy levels, improving athletic performance, cutting down excess weight, and preventing the development of cancer.

In addition, it would now appear that Tongkat Ali products are also an effective supplement in relieving stress and improving the mood of a person, according to the results of a recent conducted study.

Background of the Study

A group of medical researchers, led by the distinguished Dr. Shawn Talbott, carried out a clinical trial with the objective of determining the impact of Tongkat Ali on stress hormones and psychological mood state in people who were moderately stressed.

For this study, a total of 63 participants were recruited. The group consisted of 32 men and 31 women, all of them under moderate stress. Half of the participants were given the Tongkat Ali supplement, while the remaining members were asked to take a placebo. The study was conducted for a period of four weeks.

Significant Improvement in Subjects

The study found that the subjects given Tongkat Ali demonstrated significant improvements in their stress levels, as well as in their psychological mood states. These improvements were noted in areas such as tension, anger, confusion, and hormone levels.

Very importantly, there was an increase in the level of testosterone, which has long been associated with this supplement.

Stress is a collective condition suffered by many. The outcome of the study reveals yet another important benefit out of using Tongkat Ali. The efficiency of the Malaysian Ginseng is also thoroughly validated by the study’s use and compliance of scientific standards.

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Tongkat Ali is more than a boost to sexual health; seniors and those usually exposed to stress are all advised to take Tongkat Ali products. Fight the effects of stress and aging and have more confidence.