The Secret of a Better Smile, Dental Implants in Kent

Dental ImplantsOver the past 30 years, a quiet revolution has taken place in the dental world. In the late 1950s a scientist, Dr Per-Ingvar Branemark, was studying the healing process of bone tissue. To do this he implanted a device made from titanium into the legs of rabbits, but when his study ended, he discovered that the devices had become firmly fixed to the bones, a process he later named osseointegration. This discovery was the turning point in his career and he started to think of ways to use this remarkable quality of titanium to help his patients. One of the ways he decided to use titanium was as a dental implant to replace missing teeth.

At first many dentists were very sceptical about the safety and effectiveness of this new method of tooth replacement, but over time and after many trials dental implants have come to be regarded as the gold-standard. The first person to receive titanium implants had them fitted in 1965 as a restoration for a jaw defect. The implants were still securely in place when he died in 2006. Nowadays, dental implants are the fastest growing area of dentistry today, and many dentists such as Staplehurst Dental Practice in Kent are offering their patients dental implants to restore their teeth to their former glory.

Strong and Stable Dental Implants in Kent

More people are now enjoying the benefits that dental implants bring, discovering the joy of having teeth that allow them to talk and eat with confidence. Not only do dental implants effectively restore the appearance of the teeth, but they also restore their function. Anyone who has already lost a tooth will know how quickly the bone that once supported it disappears. This is due to the natural process of resorption, which is prevented by the presence of the implant in the jawbone, supporting and stimulating the continued replacement of bone within the jaw.

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In Kent, dental implants are helping many people to live their lives more fully after suffering from tooth loss. From a single crown, to a full arch of dentures, dental implants are allowing wearers to enjoy all the good things in life once more.