The Soft Food for a Post-Wisdom Tooth Extraction Diet

PotatoWhen you have your wisdom teeth removed, precaution is a must. There are several things you must keep in mind, especially when it comes to food. While food is a joy no one can resist, your will power comes into play as you say no to certain types of foods.

For proper healing of the spot where your wisdom tooth used to be, a soft-food diet is essential in stopping the clot. The idea of a soft-food only diet might seem discouraging, but on the contrary, it gives you the license to eat soft childhood favourites.

Soft food options available

Dentists on Harley Street, such as, would recommend soups and mashed foods to start your soft-food diet. Other food options include scrambled eggs, pudding, oatmeal, apple sauce, pasta and other food with similar consistency. For a little variety, add fruit and vegetable juices and protein shakes in your diet.

Also, remember to avoid foods that are extremely cold or hot, as well as spicy foods. The hollow area left by your tooth is sensitive; these food items can encourage inflammation or bleeding if you are not careful.

Acceptable meat choices

Fortunately for meat lovers, meat is an acceptable option after an extraction. You can include poultry, pork, beef and fish in your post-wisdom tooth extraction diet. While the type of meat does not matter, how you prepare it does.

When you eat soft, lukewarm meat pieces, cut them first into small pieces and chew on the non-extracted side.

Other precautionary measures

While chips, cookies and crisps are tempting, refrain from eating food with little bits and crumbles. These food pieces can affect the extraction site, which disrupts blood clotting and may also cause infection.

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Do not subject your mouth to methods that pressure it too much. One way you can do so is by avoiding straws when drinking liquids. When you suck through a straw, this puts additional pressure on the extraction site, which disrupts clotting.

Exercise caution as you eat after your extraction. When you do so, you quicken your recovery, as well as train yourself to enjoy the pleasures of a soft diet.