The Theories Why People Have Crooked Teeth

Invisalign in West JordanThroughout the years, there have been many theories about the causes of crooked teeth. Knowing these provides perspective about your condition and gets you a step closer to finding the best possible treatment.

Racial Mixing

Although already disproven, there was a generally accepted crooked teeth theory that said that racial mixing caused misalignment. Many took this as fact in the late 1940s; practitioners of the time believed that Italians that married Irish caused misaligned teeth. This was the time when malocclusions in children reached their peak.

Soft Food Theory

Other than racial mixing, another theory about crooked teeth circulated, this was the consumption of soft food. The latter cites that people don’t use their jaw muscles enough, causing them to narrow and weaken over time. A variation of this mentioned that the shift from hunter-gatherers to farmers also led to the change and use of the jaw muscles and teeth. This led to the different shapes of the skulls and jaws of ancient skeletons.

Experts at the time cited that there is a correlation between how people gathered food and the shape of their jaw. Agriculturalists had shorter and wider jaws, while their hunter-gatherer counterparts had narrower and lower jutting ones.

Hereditary Factors

Nowadays, the widely believed theory about crooked teeth is hereditary. Parents pass on their genes to their children. If anyone in their family has malocclusions or other misalignment problems, the possibility of their kids having it increases.

Treatment for Misalignment

A practitioner that specializes in the installment of Invisalign in West Jordan cites that patients now have many options to treat their crooked teeth, regardless of their age. There are now clear and removable braces to correct alignment. These don’t interfere with function, are easy to clean and are almost invisible, which is a plus for the self-conscious.

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Consult with your dentist to determine the ideal treatment for your misaligned teeth. An immediate solution prevents dental problems that you may get because of crooked teeth.