Tips for Choosing a Collagen Drink in Singapore for Better Skin

Look Young in SingaporeIt seems too good to be true. There now seems to be a supplement that actually works the way the manufacturers claim. This is the collagen drink, which you can find in most health stores and pharmacies in Singapore. Studies show that collagen supplements, such as a drink, can really improve the skin and make you look younger. Some even put the improvement rate at 20% after eight weeks. This is encouraging news for many women, and some men, that worry about wrinkles and other signs of aging. However, not all collagen products work the way they should.

Here are some tips for choosing an effective collagen drink like Nutraceutical Ingredients.

Type I

You should look for a product that specifies it contains type I collagen. There are 28 different types, so if the label just says “collagen,” dig a little deeper. To get your money’s worth, you need to get type I.


Collagen molecules are quite large, so your body will not be able to absorb its benefits to make your skin look younger unless it is broken down a bit. Hydrolysing collagen molecules makes it easier for the protein to get to the skin.


That is the number of milligrams of collagen protein you should get per serving. Anything less than that is not enough to trigger the repair response of the body. You want that to happen so that your body will replace damaged collagen with new collagen.


Make sure that your collagen drink undergoes rigorous quality control to maximize effectiveness and purity. Most collagen products come from marine sources, but collage from some countries known for safe manufacturing practices are better than others are with less than stellar reputations.

The effects of collagen are not only for the skin. The hair and nails also contain collagen, so you should see some improvements there as well provided you choose your collagen drink well.