Transform Your Life With Dental Implants

Prosthetic teeth examples on a table For many of us there comes a time when decades of wear and tear on our teeth, along with perhaps not taking good enough care of them at times, finally takes its toll and we lose one, some or all of our teeth. What to do next? Fixed bridges, or partial or full dentures could be the answer, or these days, there’s a good chance the answer is dental implants.

Dental implants are the increasingly popular alternative to fixed or removable artificial teeth and are now offered by many dental practices throughout the UK. If you live in North London, one practice to have a look at for dental implants is Adams Dental.

It’s not only people who have just lost their teeth who are choosing implants. They are also transforming the lives of many denture wearers who, for years, have had to avoid crunchy or chewy foods, for fear of either breaking their dentures, or embarrassing themselves when their false teeth get left behind in their meal.

The Perks of Dental Implants

Avoiding particular foods becomes a thing of the past with dental implants because the implants are securely fixed into the jawbone. Removable false teeth only replace the crowns of lost teeth. Implants also replace the root, with a special post made of titanium. Titanium has the amazing ability to fuse with bone, so the implant becomes as secure as a natural tooth.

The Procedure

The implant is placed in the jawbone during a minor surgical procedure performed under local anaesthetic. During the required healing time, patients can continue to wear their removable dentures.

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Once the posts have integrated with the jawbone, the patient returns to the dentist to have the crowns attached to the implants. These could be a single crown on one post or a bridge supporting a few teeth. Some people opt to have all their teeth replaced. All teeth for one jaw can be supported on only 4 implants in a process known as All-On-4. They can even have their old full dentures converted to attach to the implants. Otherwise, the artificial teeth are custom-made from porcelain to blend in with the remaining natural teeth.