Travel Checklist and Tips for Newbie Travelers

TravelersMany people love to travel. They visit one place after another to experience new things.  This passion may come early or late in your life. When this happens there are a lot of tips, guides and checklists, a newbie traveler such as yourself can follow.

  1. Prepare Your Travel Documents (and Itineraries)

Now you’ve decided to spend your life traveling to different parts of the world.  Make sure all your travel documents are ready. These include your passport, visa, IDs and cash, credit cards or traveler’s checks.  You don’t want to encounter any setbacks regarding your travel documents.

Aside from your travel documents, you need to ready your travel itinerary.  You should know where you’re going, where and how long you’ll be staying and what activities you’ll do there.  Better be knowledgeable of emergency contact numbers in a certain place or country.

  1. Set Your Departure Date and Book a Flight

After all your travel documents and itineraries prepared, time to set your departure date.  As your departure date is decided, booking your flight is next in your agenda.  You can find non-stop flights or connecting flights in different airlines. For example, you can catch flights from South Bend to New York then to your planned destination. You should sort your personal matters as your departure date nears.

  1. Update Your Vaccinations

Better safe than sorry, it’s always a great idea to update your vaccinations before your leave.  There are certain shots you need in a particular country. You will need to see your doctor for more information regarding the needed shots.

  1. Time to Pack Up

Travel documents, check!  Itinerary, check! Departure date, check!  Booked flight, check!  Travel inoculations, check!  What’s left in your travel checklist?  Pack up your baggage.  Travel light and only pack basic clothing.  It doesn’t have to be fancy, just the basic ones: shorts, comfortable shirts, and enough pairs of underwear to last you until you can do laundry.

Also, include hats and sunglasses for a very hot day, and water-proof jackets for rainy days.  A first aid kit is a must.  You don’t have to pack all your wardrobe, you’ll want to travel light.

This checklist and tips are very helpful to all beginner travelers.  Keep in mind that plans may change in every travel.  Even the best laid plans can go wrong.  If this happen, don’t worry, just keep an eye on your belongings, especially your travel documents.  Furthermore, don’t neglect your health just for the sake of your travel escapades.