Treading the Waters: Becoming a Super Swimmer

SwimmerWatching swimming competitions will make you appreciate the agility, fluidity, and endurance of the human body. Take a closer look, however, and you will realize that there is so much more that goes into it. Swimmers typically train for years before qualifying for competition on a regional, national, or international level.

Schools, such as The Labs, say that intense drills and exercises are not only the things that make a good competitive swimmer. Some swimmers even make sacrifices to achieve their goals; they are emotionally conditioned to win.

Here are some other things that competitive swimmers do:

Observe Proper Posture Strictly

Posture is everything in the sport. The right swimming posture will facilitate efficient and loose movement. To practice proper body posture, swimmers need to focus on the position of their head, as it affects the way the body moves.

Good swimming position also improves breathing. It enables flexibility in the lower body, which improves buoyancy in turn.

Watch Their Diet

As swimming is a sport of endurance, a swimmer’s body should receive proper nutrition for more energy. Swimmers should consume more carbohydrates, so that their body will have more fuel to burn. Carbs should be counterbalanced with proteins that repair muscles and make them more flexible. They should also cut down on fats. It is equally important to source vitamins and minerals from fruits and vegetables. Hydration is also important, as swimmers also sweat.

Develop Mental Strength

The swimmer’s willpower and mental strength can make a difference and curb the competition. Competitive swimmers learn to develop emotional power by shutting negativity, starting a set of good habits, and maintaining focus and consistency. A healthy dose of pride also makes a good motivator. In case of failures, swimmers are expected to adopt coping mechanisms that encourage and boost self-esteem.

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Becoming a competitive swimmer is not easy. It will take years to perfect reflexes and overcome fears and inhibitions.