Trending: People Who Choose to be Fit

Fit girl measuring her waistFitness today is not just a fad; it has become the lifestyle for many.  Because of this, there has been a renewed interest in sports and other physical activities.

It is not a surprise that there is an increasing number of personal training for women here in Lexington provided by fitness gyms such as Here are the probable reasons for this trend.

Looking good

For many people, the choice to be fit is not simply for the health benefits but also because they want to look good.  A lot of the new fashion now focuses on that slim look with tighter fitting pants, shirts and dresses.  So to have that look, people are opting to exercise more.

Having fun

Other people are getting into fitness because of the enjoyment they get when exercising with friends and family.  Hence, there is a rise in people joining sports pick-up games, bike sessions, marathons, triathlons and the like.  It is a chance to move their bodies while having fun with others.

Group activities available

Aside from the usual weights, these upgraded gyms now also offer group exercise classes such as aeroboxing, dance aerobics, spin classes, yoga, and Zumba to cater to the needs of all, as not everybody wants to hit the gym.

In such classes, exercise becomes more enjoyable as one can keep fit with friends or even meet new acquaintances for personal or business reasons.

Individualized training

A good thing now is that there is personal training for both men and women.  Instructors acknowledge that each body is different meaning a different set of exercises and diets may be required to achieve those sought after results.

Looking good and feeling good has never been easier with all the choices available, be you in Portland or Lexington.  You just need to figure out what suits you best and go for it.