Two in One: Should You Combine Breast Lift with Implants?

Woman measuring her chestSagging breasts are more than just a cosmetic issue. Apart from making your body look less youthful, droopy breasts can also affect both your confidence and femininity. Fortunately, there are procedures to consider if you are bothered with appearance, including the size and shape of your breasts. A consultation with a plastic surgeon can help you make an informed decision.

A breast lift is worth considering if you want to restore the natural look of your boobs. Dr. Steven Warnock and other breast lift clinics in Utah note that this can help reposition the breasts and the nipples, as well as remove excess skin to give them a better shape. You may, on the other hand, consider breast augmentation or implants to increase the size of your breasts and make them look fuller.

You may also choose to combine both procedures to lift your breasts and increase their size. While a breast lift procedure may cause your boobs to appear bigger because of the improved shape and positioning, their actual size will not change. The addition of implants or augmentation will increase the quantity of breast tissue and make your breasts bigger.

Combining breast lift with breast augmentation can be an efficient way to improve the overall look of your breasts. It can also help you save time in terms of downtime and recovery period. This is because the time needed for healing and recovery will not be extended by doing both of the procedures together. Other benefits include:

Reduced time for surgery

When both operations are performed together, you will only have to visit the clinic once and go under anesthesia once. This also eliminates the risks of double surgical procedures.

Reduce cost

There are some cases where having a breast lift and implants done together (instead of separately) can save you money by lowering overall costs. There are also surgeons/clinics that offer discounts on multiple procedures.

Combined benefits

The combination of lift and implants can give your breasts a better shape with an increase in cup size with just one procedure. This can you make look and feel better, which can boost your confidence.

If you’re unhappy with the shape, look, and size of your breast, explore options that can address your concern. It is best to consult a plastic surgeon to learn if you are a good candidate for both procedures.