Types of Dental Sealants

A boy with missing teethOur teeth contain natural grooves and dips called pits and fissures. These pits and fissures typically provide a breeding place for bacteria, which could lead to tooth decay. They are difficult to clean using regular toothbrushes.

Fortunately, there is a solution for preventing tooth decay in your children. You can visit a pediatric dentist in South Bend and get pit and fissure dental sealants. The sealants fill the grooves of your child’s teeth, making cleaning easier and preventing bacteria from getting into them. That said, below are the most common materials used in making dental sealants:

Composite resin

Resin-based dental sealants are long-lasting and work exceptionally well when installed correctly. When installing composite resin sealants, complete seclusion of the tooth must be achieved. This is because salivary contamination during installation will lead to resin sealant failure. Composite resin sealants typically have a high tensile strength and low predisposition to drying.

Glass ionomers

Glass ionomers undergo acid-base reactions as they set. They have a high acid-base bond and hence only require a conditioner for bonding. They are very hydrophilic, making them compatible with the wet environment in the mouth. They release fluoride that allows tooth mineralization and have an antimicrobial effect.

Resin-modified glass ionomers

These dental resins combine the advantages of composite resin and glass ionomers. This material overcomes the hydrophobic property of composite resin and short-lived nature of glass ionomers. The dental sealants are long-lasting and release fluoride, which helps prevent bacteria.

Not all children need fissure sealants. Sealants are recommended for kids who are highly susceptible to tooth decay. An example is when your kid has already undergone several dental cavity fillings. Visit a qualified pediatric dentist today to determine if this dental procedure is appropriate for your child.

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