Welcoming and Caring for Elderly Cancer Patients at Home

Old HandsReports show the rising numbers of cancer affliction among the elderly. Nonetheless, most elderly cancer patients would rather spend their treatment period at home than in assisted living facilities. So, how do you ensure they are comfortable during their stay and are able to deal with their condition?

The staff of NTUCHealth.sg provides a few insights about this topic:

Why do elderly cancer patients choose home care?

Knowing why the patient would want to spend their treatment period (or their last few days) at home is important in determining a caring program for them. In the case of elderly patients, their age and condition often make them want to spend their days in the company of people they love.

Furthermore, many elderly patients gather enough strength to undergo treatment when they are in the company of family and friends. This, in turn, can be helpful in their recovery. Nonetheless, caring for a cancer patient at home may become emotionally taxing for both them and their relatives.

Choosing a home care service provider

Elderly cancer patients may get professional home care to assist with their daily needs. Home care workers have enough training to aid patients with cancer. As they would be assisting the elderly, look for caregivers who have the right training for the job.

Access to medical support is also important in establishing an effective home care program for elderly relatives with cancer. You may want to make medical arrangements with a nearby hospital should any emergency arise. Getting in touch with cancer support groups might also help both you and your elderly relative cope with the sickness.

Interacting with elderly cancer patients

Even with all the professional help, an effective home care program for elderly cancer patients will always go back to how you — as their relative — interact with them. Do not be afraid that you might say something wrong to them during conversations. Instead, allow yourself to express your true feelings for them. A simple heart-to-heart talk can go a long way in easing some of the pain.

Home care services may help elderly cancer patients cope with their condition, but a little effort from loved ones can make a big difference, as well. It is the least you could do in making them feel that they are not alone in their fight.