What Happens to Brilliant-White Teeth?

Teeth Discolouration Treatment in HertfordshireYour teeth can last a lifetime. But it doesn’t happen without effort on your part. This means practising proper dental care, from brushing and flossing regularly to visiting a dentist twice a year for cleaning and check-up. 

Dark Times

Through time, however, you may notice a change in the colour of your teeth. They aren’t as white and bright as they were when you were young. How did this happen? Here are some reasons:

  • Drinking dark coloured liquids, such as coffee and tea.
  • Excessive fluoride intake when you were a child.
  • Some antibiotics you may have taken, when you were a child or at a later age.
  • Some antibiotics or other medication your mother may have taken when she was pregnant with you.
  • Drinking acidic beverages, such as soda and wine.
  • Smoking or chewing tobacco products.

Your teeth may also become darker or yellowish as you get older. Tobacco is particularly harsh on teeth. It leaves a dark stain and degrades dental health. When you smoke, your teeth become vulnerable to plaque, which causes cavities and other dental problems. Dental problems can lead to various health problems.

Brighter Future

Fortunately, you can restore the natural colour of your teeth. A wide range of options are available at innovative clinics. One such option is the Zoom in-office teeth whitening, which uses hydrogen peroxide whitening gel. Your dentist exposes your teeth to a Zoom light after applying the gel. The light then activates the gel to penetrate and break up the stains on your teeth, removing the discolouration.

Brilliant-white teeth can make you look younger, by about five years, according to study. It can also make you more attractive by 20%. And it increases your employment potential by 10%. Clearly, it’s in your best interest to restore the natural colour of your teeth.