Why Eating with (and as) a Family is Healthy

FamilyFood is a universal language spoken in Chinese, English, Hindi or whatever dialect you speak in your corner of the world. It stops hunger pangs and may even mend broken relationships under a starlit sky. It may also either improve eating habits or make it worse.

Family gatherings are the perfect tie to reconnect with relatives or communicate with your family after a day at work and school, over a steak dinner or take-away pizza. Will eating as a family improve your well-being?

Healthy Eating Habits

Studies show that the eating habits of parents have an effect on their children. A family with obese parents will also have obese kids; this will also lead to later life diseases such as diabetes, cancer and cardiovascular ailments because of the habits formed on the dinner table or family gatherings.

In the same vein, bad eating habits pass on to the next generation, a good and balanced diet also passes to the children. A healthy diet improves overall health and prevents the early onset of heart disease, diabetes and cancer.

While planning the event, look at the menu of the Gold Coast party caterers you have on your short list. Review the food served, or choose only healthy food for the gathering.

Improve Communication

Family reunions or intimate meals are ideal avenues for communication; families can talk about positive things or various interests of each member. This gives each one the opportunity to learn more about each other and create a deeper connection.

Communication reduces the chance of alienation and isolation in the family. This helps members who are suffering from depression or have similar emotional problems.

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Stay Connected

Dining together improves communication, and it also keeps that connection alive. Bonds in the family reduce the possibility of depression and loneliness once a member reaches old age. It is important to stay close to each other to stay healthy and sharp-minded during one’s senior years. The relationship provides one a place to turn to when troubles arise and a support group when something tragic happens.

Food is a tool you can use to make a connection with your immediate and extended family. It is a language without borders that translates well in any situation.