Why You Should Take Cold Showers to Keep Your Hair Healthy

Woman with long and shiny black hairHair naturally dehydrates during the day. And because hot showers can easily remove oils and dirt from the hair, often the most obvious solution is to take frequent hot showers. However, this can cause dry and itchy skin.

To prevent your skin and your scalp from being stripped of their healthy natural oils without drying it too quickly, try a cold shower.

Cold showers can keep moisture locked in hair shafts and help hair colour last longer. There are also companies like Kerluxe that offer haircare treatments to combat dehydration and to clean out blocked pores.

According to Science

One of the most effective ways to clean hair and get rid of oils and dirt is to wash your hair with hot water. A high level of heat will separate the overlapping cells of cuticles and allow shampoo to penetrate deeper into the hair’s shaft.

However, this benefit is disadvantageous when it comes to conditioning. Rinsing in hot water will remove conditioner applied into the hair, essentially serving as a waste of time and money.

Cold showers, on the other hand, remove excess product and conditioner without stripping away their moisturising ingredients. Cold water temporarily tightens cuticles and pores to prevent dirt from getting in and clogging them. Cuticle cells are kept locked so that the water and the moisture of ingredients remain inside the hair strands.

Coloured Hair

The right water temperature is especially important for coloured hair. A hot shower can be damaging because hot water opens up hair cuticles that allow dye molecules to escape. This means that colour will likely wash out during the shampooing and conditioning stages.

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On the other hand, taking a shower in cold water keeps hair cuticles closed to seal in the moisture from the conditioner and to effectively prevent dye molecules from escaping and seeping out of the hair.

It is important to know how to take proper care of your hair. In most cases, but especially for hair with colour treatment, cold showers are more effective than hot showers at preventing dehydration and maintaining the health of your hair.