Work, Work, Work: 4 Ways to Ease Pain During Labor

pregnang women doing light exerciseThere’s a reason for going into labor being labeled as such: it’s a lot of work. Painful work, at that. Pain becomes more intense with contractions growing stronger and as the baby drops low into the pelvis. It’s a nerve-racking experience, yes, but there are ways to manage that pain. Health experts recommend knowing these pain-relieving techniques to get you ready for labor:

Practice breathing techniques

Patterned breathing refers to inhaling-exhaling at a specific rate and depth. Some breathe deeply, while others lightly. Patterned breathing puts you into a more relaxed state, which allows you to respond to pain more positively. It also gives you a sense of control in a distressful situation. What’s more, you’re able to re-direct your focus to your breathing, keeping your mind off the pain.

Get moving

It’s probably easier to just sit around as you take the labor blows, but it’s actually better to move around. Walking, squatting, and swaying can help in easing the pain. More importantly, they could cut the time in labor by facilitating the movement of the baby through the pelvic canal.

Even before the nearing birth, pick up a workout routine. Studies show that pregnant women who exercise three times a week experience shorter labor. Before exercising, consult experts in obstetrics. Provo health experts would recommend physical activities appropriate for your pregnancy health status.

Use warmth

Warm water brings a soothing sensation, making contractions more bearable. Spend some time in a tub of 100F water — just make sure to be extra careful when going in it, taking note of the slippery area. Another way you can use warmth is to fill a bottle with warm water, covering it in a towel then applying that in painful areas of your body.

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Have a massage

This sounds perfect when you’re not all sweaty and panting, right? But a massage could also help ease labor pains. Having someone rub your back is the most natural way to experience warmth — and that could stimulate the body’s natural painkillers. What’s more, when you have your husband massaging your feet and hands, you get a much-needed distraction from pain. Not to mention, feeling cared for, which is a morale boost you could use in this very tough situation.

Going into labor is tough work. But you can gracefully work this out by trying these relaxation techniques.