Wrap Up for Ski Snow

SkiiWinter brings with it both bad and good. You get bad things like blizzards, no flowers, and really, really cold days. You get good things too though like snowball fights, snow angels, and even ski trips down a mountain slope.

Borrowing Is the Norm

In Colorado, you can enjoy the blessings of winter in many snow-capped resorts. For a ski rental, Vail, Aspen, Breckenridge, and other locations, have shops that offer this service for the duration of your visit. For beginners, remember to borrow or rent your gear for your first time. You may decide not to ski ever again after the experience; if you bought your gear, you end up with things you no longer need.

Ski Gear Must-Haves

When you choose your gear at a rental shop, choose a pole which is right for your height. When made to stand, the pole should be below your shoulders but above your waist. It must also be light but strong. For boots, pick a pair which has short boot legs. You need enough ankle room for the skiing you will be doing. Make sure the boots are warm and waterproof too. Finally, don’t forget to get goggles since the glare of the sun reflected by snow can blind you.

Snug and Comfy

Others tips for your first time to ski in the snowy mountains include wearing at least three layers of clothing. Forget fashion. You need to keep warm. You should also constantly drink water or sports drinks. The high altitude can put a strain on your lungs.

Ready for a Wild Ride

Another tip is to exercise before the ski trip. Skiing is an athletic sport. You need to be strong and agile. Don’t forget to warm up before skiing too. On the other hand, sunscreen is a must for your skin. Finally, go ahead and ask for help from certified instructors. Unless you have a friend or a family member who is great at skiing, you are better off with an expert.

You can either hate skiing or love it after your first time. Whatever the result of your first trip, you should still have fun.