Yes, You Can Fight Tooth Decay in Kids

child visiting a dentistAll children are at risk for having tooth decay. This happens when the bacteria in mouth mix with the sugars from the food and form acids. The acids teeth attack the tooth enamel and wear it down. Without protection or remineralization, early decay (which is followed by a cavity) is likely. The affected tooth may need to be filled to prevent further damage.

The good news is, you can reverse this process by taking good care of your little one’s teeth. Note that the foods they eat (including amount and duration of exposure) and oral hygiene play a role in increasing or decreasing the risk of tooth decay. Children’s dentists in South Jordan, share how you can fight tooth decay.

  • Don’t put kids to bed with bottles. Note that even milk contains sugar, which can linger in the mouth, attack the enamel, and cause decay. If you allow your little one to go to sleep with a bottle, make sure it only contains water.
  • Let them enjoy a balanced diet. You can take care of your child’s oral and overall health better with a balanced diet. A nutritious meal should include whole grains and protein, as well as fruits and vegetables. You can let them have snacks, but avoid those with lots of added sugars.
  • Encourage kids to finish sugary treats immediately. If you give your kid a sweet treat, let them finish it right away. If you let the sugar remain in the mouth for extended periods of time, you only increase the risk of them having decay.
  • Make kids brush regularly. Children should brush their teeth at least two times a day for two minutes each time. This can be a long and boring time, so find ways to make brushing fun. You should supervise them and make sure they spit after doing so.
  • Fill sippy cups with just water. If your little one is still using sippy cups, only fill it with water. If you want to give them other beverage, serve it in a regular cup or glass to reduce consumption time.
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You shouldn’t also forget to take kids to a dentist. The first appointment should happen by the time they turn one or within six months of the first tooth’s eruption. Early visits are recommended to detect the early signs of tooth decay and let you know more about taking better care of your kid’s teeth.