Your Options for Sedation Dentistry

Options for Sedation DentistryAre you a nervous or phobic dental patient? Does this stop you from visiting the dentist as regularly as you should? If you routinely avoid going to the dentist due to psychological issues then you could be putting yourself at risk of greater problems further down the line, which might mean more visits. It is better to tackle the problem head on.

Clinics like Evergreen Dental in Reading are offering options to patients to help improve their overall experience of the dentist. Over time, this can create a positive trajectory which eventually leads to a complete reduction in anxiety. This is achieved using sedation dentistry practices.

Why do we need sedation?

Sedation is a way of keeping you calm and relaxed during treatment. Local anaesthetic will still be used to target pain in the treatment area and you will have a different method to control your state of mind.

Most people will be unable to remember details of their treatment later on but you will remain awake during the procedure. This is often a better option than a full general anaesthetic where you will be unconscious because it means that you can still be treated at your dental practice rather than needing to be admitted to hospital.

Are there any issues with sedation?

Sedation is commonly offered through an IV drip. This is administered slowly throughout treatment via a cannula inserted into your arm.

If you are someone who has an issue with needles, this can be counter-productive in terms of reducing your anxiety levels. Fortunately, there is also an option for inhalation sedation which enters the system via a gas that you breathe in steadily during treatment. Some people feel more in control with this method.

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Choosing a practise

You need to feel supported by your dentist whatever your needs are. Look for a practice that specifically addresses the issues facing nervous patients. This will mean that they have relevant experience and can offer you the options you need including sedation dentistry.

You may be asked if you are a nervous patient when you first join the practice. Be honest with your dentist and their staff and they will find a way to help improve your experience.